Badminton Racquets

Professional Line

The Professional Line was created to meet the requirements and high expectations of world class players. In all frames we only use the best materials and the newest racket technologies.

Club & Center Line

The Club and Center Line is representing the most established rackets in the international market. Everyone will find their fitting model, not only the ambitious club player but also the center- or hobby player.

School Sport & Leisure

The most recommended Badminton school rackets were chosen by some of the most renowned coaches. In addition we also offer rackets for children in all ages in different sizes. The leisure packages are characterized by a robust construction and are ideal for all outdoor activities.
Some of our leisure set include a net.

Badminton Accessories

Badminton Shuttlecocks

We offer quality shuttlecocks and nylon shuttles with the best price performance ratio. Available in all speed levels at an affordable price.

Badminton Strings & Accessories

We offer dependable high-quality strings and accessories for the badminton performance.


Grips with moisture absorbing characteristics, smooth fitting and good adhesion.